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Is it possible to make a living out of music?

Many people in our country are living out of music, for example in 2002 you could see in the street a lot of buskers.

Nowadays hundreds of young people have a band and play in many places of the city.

Some people believe that buskers are losers because they haven´t got a formal job.

Buskers can go to work every week, or three times a week or when they want.

On the other hand, we have young people’s bands. Kids enjoy playing music but many
times they could earn money playing music in a concert.

I personally believe that buskers are not losers; perhaps they haven’t got possibilities to study and do a career.

However I think they could look for other ways of life.

To conclude, artistic jobs are valuable, and it is possible to make a living out  of music.

 By Soledad Cabrera

FCE Student


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